Thursday, March 25, 2010

1st Day of Spring!

It was sunny and warm on the first day of we went to the beach. Well, it wasn't quite as warm as we thought (58 degrees) so we didn't stay too long, but it was nice to be there for a little while. We watched some kayak surfers (in their full wet suits) enjoying the waves...just whets our appetites for the summer...ENJOY!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mexican Food....Delaware style!? decided we wanted to go out for Mexican food for our anniversary last Friday. We took the kids and went to a place called Rincon Jarocho in Dagsboro which is not to far from us. We had heard it was really good. So we walk in (there is only one table with people) we sit down and order...the menu is a little different...more seafood options...but that didn't surprise us....What did surprise us was the Spanish Polka music playing on the LOUD speaker. We could not keep ourselves from bouncing in our seats to the music. Sooo funny. Then we got our food.....even funnier. My Nachos consisted of some very greasy chips covered with mozzarella cheese, canned ground beef (think underwood deviled ham), some lettuce and a big tomato slab. OK...weird. The meat was AWFUL. I ate around it and stole some of Jesse's refried beans to help the taste....needless to say I left most of it on the plate when I left. Darrin had enchiladas filled with the same meat and mozzarella cheese. The salsa tasted like tomato was even the same color. Weird. The problem, we think, is that the "Mexican" people here are predominantly Guatemalen. I don't know anything about Guatemalen food....but it ISN'T anything like the mexican food we are used to and love. I guess I will have to get good at making my own. We are going into withdrawals. I remember thinking that we had no variety in Safford cuz all we had were Mexican food places.......yep...being punished for that.....A LOT!

Sarah says to explain that at the end of the video a piece of chicken went down her sleeve and she was trying to make it fall watch it again....and laugh. hahaha!

On a lighter note....our weather is significantly nicer these days. This morning I took a lovely walk here....It was a tiny bit chilly at 8:30, but by the time I was done it was BEAUTIFUL...and walking by the ocean always makes me smile.....:)

...physically and mentally!