Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I was dreaming of a WARM Christmas!!!

We spent Christmas and New Years on planes this year....and all the time in between in WARM, SUNNY Arizona....NOT!   Well, the day after Christmas was beautiful, but...we had to come home to Delaware to get warm after that.  Seriously, I think we are weather cursed!  It was great to see many friends and family during our stay.  We wished we had a week to spend with each one.  I'm afraid our kids didn't get much of us at all.  Next year, they will be coming here.  It seems like we had one long party the whole week.  I will let the pictures do the talking...

           Heading up Gonzales Pass to Safford...for our Delaware friends... these are mountains!

The Tunnel....yes we rolled down our windows and honked!

                                           Mt. Graham and cotton modules.

                                          The Gila Valley Temple and our Family!

 The Gordon's made a trebuchet and launched grapefruit and lemons at the neighbors over the fence...the neighbors retaliated with stink bombs!

Watching the "bombs".

 Out to lunch with 6 of my 7 fun!  We missed you Jordan.

 All the single cousins...all the single cousins.  (they are rolling their eyes at me right now).


More Cookie Face!

This Bouncy House was supposed to be for the little
kids, but the BIG kids had more fun!

...physically and mentally!