Sunday, August 29, 2010

Restoring Honor Washington D.C. 8-28-10

We had one of those moments when living here in Delaware became a great advantage...Saturday the 28 of August we drove to D.C. with our good friends the Shupes (who flew over from Az. to visit) to be a part of the Glenn Beck rally. It was such a great experience...I have to admit that I don't really listen to Glenn Beck except on occasion, so I didn't know a lot about what would happen there. We were surprised to find out that is was a purely NON-political rally...Yes...that is right...NON-political. Apparently he had decided that he was going in the wrong direction....dividing people...rather than uniting them. So...we were inspired for 3 plus hours by Beck, Sarah Palin, Martin Luther King's neice, and many others...They spoke mostly about Faith, Hope, and Charity....and uniting together as people of God. At the end Brother Beck gathered 250 clergy of many faiths....he paraded them on the stage and said that they represent about 180 million people of faith. He said that we need to unite together and fight those that want to remove God from our lives. None of us agree on the fundamentals, the doctrine, the rituals, but we all look to God and we must bond together as people of faith to triumph over the evils of man. It was powerful. I wish everyone could have seen and heard and felt that power. His website will have pics and video up soon, but until then, here are some that I took. Enjoy!

The sound system was SOOO loud that Darrin put baby wipes in his ears and could still hear everything.
I know it is hard to see but people were everywhere...behind those trees was a large field FULL.Cheese!
These two enjoyed renewing their great friendship.
These are just two of the videos I took....they were all so good. The geese flew in as the music was playing just prior to the beginning of the was like an air force fly-over..they were in formation and seemed trained and on cue. It was cool.

...physically and mentally!