Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Uncle Dallin and Sister Gordon

 Dallin and Darrin got a big chunk of our drywall hung while he was is coming along....SLOWLY!
 This is what "Uncle Dallin" will look like by the time I get any grandchildren....haha!  My kids think I'm nuts.
 We had a going away party for Emily on Monday night.  Here are Emily, Timmy, Darrin, and Sarah peeling the eggs for one of the numerous dishes we served.  I was nervous not knowing how many people would come....but come they did.  Our ward is awesome.  They came, they ate, they brought gifts, they hugged, and they supported her.  We are blessed to be here and I think Emily really felt the love.  Thanks Seaford Ward!

 The little kids LOVE Sarah.  This is Peter and Lorelei...our Bishops grandchildren.
 Everyone ate some of the food, but holy cow I have a lot of leftovers....anyone hungry?
 I love this little pixie.  Lorelei is in my primary and I get to be with her every Sunday!  She is a great little singer.
 Jake Whitmer is also in primary with me, but only for a little this boy.
 Emily is comforting Aidan (the boy she babysat while she was here) and this is Kelly, his mom.   She is Tom Hoffmans daughter.  Tom and Kim are our friends and neighbors.
 Captain Bo!  Timmy loaded his belt with everyone's cell phones and then he made his serious face...after a few attempts that ended in laughter.  Bo is leaving next week to start a new job in Iowa...Leah will follow after their house sells.   WE WILL MISS THEM DESPERATELY!
 These are the Bokinsky boys...Andy and Timmy.  Timmy is part Gordon too.  WE love having him at our house.
 I really was happy all night....Darrin caught me at the end of the party a little tired, but I really am happy.
 Holly and David Whitmer...we love these guys...David is our Seminary teacher and Holly teaches in Primary...there are no more important callings than those if you ask me. to the airport.  
 Becoming Sister Gordon
 Last family pic.....sigh.
Daddy and his little girl.   My father would be so proud of her....IS so proud of her.  Way to go Em....we love you.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2012

 Christmas was a blur this year...Up early for church, unwrapping, dash off to church and then.....
 We took off early Monday morning for NYC!  Leah and Timmy Bokinsky went with us.  He has lived in Delaware all his life and hadn't been for Christmas his mom got him a trip...with the Gordons...cuz we are so fun.         This is in the Subway....heading south to see the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and WTC.
 Of course Dallin wanted to go to Chinatown.  There are open markets like this everywhere...and they smell of fish.  We kept trying to get him to talk to someone in go.
Darrin, Timmy, and Jesse went to see STOMP.  It was amazing.

 Sarah wanted to go ice skating.  Rockefeller Center was our first choice, but it was like $65 to skate here we are at Bryant Park on the east side skating for $14.  Awesome

Poor Dallin had the hiccups for 3 days....Sister Bokinsky is trying one of the MANY remedies we found.  Nothing worked for very long.  They finally just stopped.
Sarah and Jesse got these cool air swimmers for Christmas.  Jesse got the shark and Sarah got Nemo.

...physically and mentally!