Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Volleyball.........

Our lives are wrapped around volleyball this week as the team gets ready to go to state. Last night (monday) we had our send off dinner. Darrin and Dr. Hargis from our ward were the special guests. They were Modine and Orville, Professional Exterminators. The came and gave the girls tips on "killin' things" They did a little skit and handed out "pest" control licenses. It was hilarious.
As captain, Emily had to make a little speech. She did very well. Then the girls hammed it up for photos. (see video below) They play their first game at 3:00 on friday the 2nd at Peoria High School. To see the entire bracket and the Power Rankings visit http://www.aiaonline.org/ and click on 3A Girls Volleyball.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Regional Champs

Emily's VB team won the Regional Volleyball Championship this Saturday in Florence. They played really well and now advance to the state tournament. It is the 2nd and 3rd of November at Peoria High School. They have a really good shot at winning this year and we would love to have as many of you as can, come and watch. We are going to have a mini reunion. Dallin, Dena, and our Gordon family will all be there. Will you? Games begin at 9:oo am friday morning, but be warned, this is an AIA event and costs $5 per person every time you enter (even just to go to your car in the parking lot) and no outside food or drink. Lame, I know, but it is their rules. It will be worth it though. See you there

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I know it has only been one day, but I found this pic and have to share. It is from 1998. Aren't they cute. Dallin is 10, Emily is 9, Sarah is 4, and Jesse is 1. Makes me almost wish they were little again. Almost....Have a scary, silly, happy Halloween.
Check out the Awesome Volleyball link under "Check it out"

Monday, October 22, 2007


We are in high gear in volleyball. Emily's team is ranked #3 in the state, behind Monument Valley and Parker, as they enter the regional tournament. They are 12-0 in their conference. Regionals are here this thursday-saturday and state is November 2-3 in Peoria. Her team looks really good. They have worked out their kinks and are playing very well. GO BULLDOGS We're excited for their success, but also glad we are coming to the end. Of course, basketball starts as soon as volleyball ends. Her BB team should be very good this year too. We woke up Sunday morning to winter weather. It was 69 degrees at noon. We all wish it would stay just like this forever...no colder and no hotter. No mission call yet. Dallin wishes it were here and he was leaving already. He has been plagued with bad luck ever since we mailed off his papers. I tell him it is because he is making a righteous choice. Mom and Dad went to look at the cabin again today. This makes 4 visits this month. No decision though. Great to hear from Ryan and Jennie. I'm so glad you found us. Love to all.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So Much News!

O.K. This is why you should write often, and not wait till you have "so much news". So much has happened that I am afraid that this will get rather long, but hang in there, it is worth it.
1. We loved Conference! I especially enjoyed Sister Beck and Elders Fallabella and Costa. For those of you who didn't see it, Pres. Hinkley bonked Pres. Eyering on the head with his cane after he took his new seat. Hilarious! I love Pres. Hinkley. Dallin had a great time with us at conference and visiting our good friends Julia and Howdy Whipple. Their boys just love Dallin. Darrin and I then went to Park City for a business meeting. It was Beautiful! Real Autumn with leaves of every color. Amazing. One funny story....Julia and I went out for breakfast on our last day together. We went to a family owned cafe called Doug and Emmy's. There were very busy and short-handed so we asked Emmy if she would like our help. She said Really, do you mean it? We bussed tables and sat guests and served drinks for about an hour until they got caught up. It was a hoot. Emmy gave us breakfast and two large plates of cinnamon rolls to take home. As we were leaving she asked if we were LDS, when we said yes, she said I knew it. She was not a member.

2. Now the other exciting news...Dallin is officially going on a mission. He finished his interviews and paperwork this weekend and it goes out tonight. (Tues) Pres. Herrington says he should have a call in three weeks.
I am a little freaked out, but really excited for him. So check out the poll and vote on where you think he will go. Emily won Chris's by choosing Mozambique. Weird. His call will come here at our house and we will wait anxiously for him to come and open it. Wahoo!!!

...physically and mentally!