Friday, August 28, 2009


*WARNING* Very Braggy Post

For the first time ever in my life, I bought some new furniture! Sarah and I have been looking for just the right thing to go in our family room. Our entire house is BEIGE! White walls, off white carpet, beige get the picture. So we wanted to bring out my framed portrait of the Savior. The one where He is wearing red. Well, it isn't red! We carried the picture around with us to stores. Turns out it is CORAL! We found a set we loved when we didn't have the picture, so we went back with it and it was on sale. It had a very ugly ottoman/coffee table that was supposed to go with it. I told the sales lady that I would be more likely to buy it if she could get the coffee table out of the deal. She did and took $440 off the price. It was delivered today! It has a 10 year warranty to boot. Hopefully my kids are old enough that we won't ruin this one. (all our others have been hauled away to the dump). My friend Leah says that everybody looks good in coral. GOOD!

I threw in some pics of the other rooms in the house that I have gotten put together so far.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taylor Farewell

A family in our ward is moving to London on Friday, so the YMYW had a farewell party for them. We played the M&M game. It was fun! We will miss them. Tyson said the "to be born in January daughter" will be named London Bridgett. That is a Brooks-worthy, or maybe Ken-worthy (hahaha) joke. Goodbye Taylors!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 promised!

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks.
Danny Bokinsky left for SVU where he will be playing football. (it is very early in the morning in this picture)
Timmy and Sarah headed off to trek and had to stock up on candy first........guess where they hid it...?!We stopped off at SIX FLAGS in Baltimore on the way to take Emily and Jeanie to the airport.Timmy and Sarah hip-hopped all the way home.....heheBrooks, Suzette, and Chris came on the first of August for a week of the East Coast. First stop was a crab boil courtesy of the Bokinsky's neighber Griff. Poor Suzette was allergic to crab, so she just hammed it up for this picture. Next stop...Rehoboth Beach. Re-hooooo-beth for Brooks. The accent out here is fun to mimic.A little sun, a little sand, a little ocean, and a huge bucket of Thrashers fries. They are pretty addicting.Waiting at the Trenton Transit Center for our train to NYC. Quite GQ there Chris.Madison Square Garden....Penn Station (train and subway) is underneath. On the subway....I had to beg this smile out of Chris.....everyone is happy on the New York City subway, right?

Times Square...we spent a lot of time in this area. They saw "Wicked" and "Mary Poppins".

The Brooklyn Bridge: We wandered over to sample some Pizza at..........
Grimaldi's Pizzaria....Jordan Keith recommended it. It was pretty good, but not amazing.

They don't look a bit like tourists do they?!

After playing for 2 days I was pooped, but they went on to DC and Gettysburg after this. You will have to get pictures of those areas from them. I dove into moving into our house and getting things organized. We now have phone, internet, and trash service. We finally got our washer and drying after the Udall's left....sorry I couldn't wash your socks Brooks. Next time.....

Here are a couple of amusing videos as well.

Emily learned a song on the steel drums....and Timmy learned not to mess with Emily!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Quiet....for a minute.

It is quiet at my house for a minute. Brooks and Suzette and Chris left earlier for DC and aren't coming back here before they fly home. Patti and Darin Carpenter and their kids are coming tomorrow morning to visit. They are in Baltimore for training for 9 weeks. So....I am posting some pics and a little news. We FINALLY closed on our house last wednesday the 29th of July. What a roller coaster ride all that was. We moved in a little bit and then I took Jean and Em to the airport and played at Six Flags the next day. Friday and Saturday we moved a lot and then the Udall's came sat. night. On Tues morning I went with them to NYC as a tour guide. We got back late wed. night. They went to DC on Thursday and then decided to just get a hotel on friday instead of driving back and forth. They are staying at Darin and Patti's on sat. night. There is so much unpacking to do that I don't know where to start...not do I want to. I am pooped. Jesse got accepted into the Southern Delaware School for the Arts this week. He has to audition in 2 areas. The school teaches through imagination and hands on projects. I think this will be really good for him. They learn all kinds of non-traditional things like: tap dancing, steel drums, juggling, sculpting, music history, etc. He is excited. Our schools don't start here until after labor day, so we still have a few weeks of summer left. Don't be jealous though cuz we go until the 2nd week of June. I have a lot of pics but my internet is buggy right now. I will post them later.

...physically and mentally!