Monday, September 27, 2010


If you have been reading this blog, you already know that my hens have been laying for a few weeks. Well...they start off laying fairly small and sometimes misshapen eggs, which get bigger and more standard looking as time goes by......So...saturday morning I went out to gather the eggs and one of the POOR things left this...
YIKES! It is nearly double the size of an extra large store-bought egg, (right) and nearly triple the one she laid the day before. (left) Boy am I glad I am not that chicken! We haven't cracked it open yet, but I suspect it will have a double yolk or something....I have never seen a chicken egg this big before.

In other news.....
We spent Labor Day taking the Ferry across the Delaware Bay to Cape May, New Jersey. The ride is about 80 minutes and very calm.....almost boring....
but we enjoyed hanging over the railing and just watching the water go by.
Cape May is and OLD resort town. It used to be the elite vacation spot for New Yorkers and D.C. big shots....the old hotels are cool. (please disregard the old woman in front of the hotel)
We walked around and sampled all kinds of food and walked along the boardwalk and basically just chilled all was really great. Next started for the kids....Sarah is a Junior and Jesse is in 7th Grade....Holy Cow!...Jesse is in 7th grade?!?....Sarah is a Junior?!?

...physically and mentally!