Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buzzy Week...(Lots of pics and video)

It has been Spring Break here this week.  We started by driving to Williamsburg, Virginia on the 21st.  We all had the 22nd off.  We went to Busch Gardens and then to Colonial Williamsburg.  A Fast, Fun, Exhausting 3 days!
 This bird flew onto my shoulder.....
 ...and gave me a kiss!

We loved the "little kid" rides at Busch Gardens
 They also had a wolf show.
 ...and a barn owl.
 Sarah got creative waiting in line for the bumper cars.
 The Governor's Garden at Williamsburg.
 The Governor's Mansion
 The Blacksmith Shop
 This woman is laughing cuz the little girl used the "royal" wave.
 The Taylor Shop (they sew everything by hand)

Darrin got his bee hive!
 Jesse working the smoker.
 Releasing the bees.
 The Queen (she has a white dot on her) can see, it has been a very Buzzy Week!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sarah's EYE

We had a little (ok...not so little) scare this week.  Sarah has had a couple of migraine headaches this last month...even missed a couple of days of school.  I thought...oh dear...I get them, Nona gets them, Jayna USED to REALLY get them...poor Sarah.  On Thursday, March 31, she woke up with another headache.  I gave her some Ibuprofen and she went to school.  When I picked her up in the afternoon, she was as white as a sheet.  She had spent the last hour in the nurses office.  (Guilty mother feelings) She seemed o.k. the rest of the of my mind it went.  Friday morning she woke with another headache...but with blurry vision and dizziness.  I gave her more Ibuprofen and never worked.  So I get on the internet and look up Glaucoma and Headache.  It says that they can be related.  So I call her doctor and the receptionist says he is booked solid today and can't see her.  I tell her to relay her symptoms and see what he says....well...of course he says to bring her right in.  So....a little preface here....normal pressure in your and my eye is between 9-12.  Normal for Sarah is 21-27.  They sit her down and take her pressure and it reads 42.5....They decide the machine is broken and move her to another.   Still 42....when the reading comes up an alarm goes when someone codes in the hospital....The doctor comes and takes a manual reading...still 42.  PANIC!  He puts several drops in her eye and gives us a prescription for some pills and tells to call his cell phone (yes...he gave us his personal cell #)...He wants to see her first thing the next morning and on Monday (today)...So I am trying to be calm and calm Sarah.  We get the pills and the 2 new drops and head out.  Darrin and two of our friends from the ward gave her a blessing Friday night.  Saturday morning.....pressure is 14!  YES!  However, her doctor is concerned as to why she had a spike.   We will see him again this morning in about a half an hour and then see a specialist on Glaucoma surgery next month (I think).  Anyway...we are grateful for the miracle of Priesthood blessings and for Sarah's sight.  Usually with pressures that is lost.   Not the case with Sarah, and now we have an indicator...headache...when her pressure goes up.  It usually strikes in silence.  We are hopeful that this will all blow over and she can get back to normal...well...normal for her.    

...physically and mentally!