Monday, September 21, 2009

Bonnie, Pizza, Wedding Dress (?), and Seminary

We sold Bonnie this week. We bought her in June for Emily to drive during the summer. She was affectionately called Bonnie Beach Car. No more. sniff sniff.....Sarah made homemade pizza for dinner the other night. I added the fresh mozzarella and basil. It was pretty good.When I got home from the airport after picking up Darrin, this is what Sarah was wearing. They made wedding dresses out of napkins. Cute! Perfect for our "prom stairs".Here is my seminary class minus Sarah....they are watching the new Apostle Song by the Sons of Ammon. They are a handfull. It is officially Fall now. We are dying to go on a "color-watch" tour. Not much change here yet, but north of us is already spectacular. Sept or Oct. would be a perfect visit time for any of you who haven't planned your trip here yet.

Monday, September 14, 2009


All of my siblings and spouses gathered in Arizona for a little reunion this weekend. We swam, ate, swam, ate, talked, talked some more, get the picture. Speaking of pictures.....

Here we are at Rustler's Roost for dinner. We came here 11 years ago for our parents 50th anniversary. I think Brooks is hiding behind Alison.

Emily came and did the water park with us. Love that girl!!Yes! This is rattlesnake...tastes like chicken.We spent a little bit of time going through the last 9 boxes of Mom and Dad's things.....bittersweet.The waterslide curtsie!!!......The slides had a powerfull effect on our swimming suits.
We danced to Ragtime Cowboy Joe. The band played it just for us. Dad sure loved that song.
It was fun to be together again. We are a big, crazy, funny, ridiculous, wonderful group. Love them all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Day of School......and finished table.

Here are my little cuties on the first day of school.
It does seem late in the year, but we go clear to the middle of June. It is 68 degrees today and was a little foggy this morning. That is a new one for us on the first day of school. They were both nervous......very nervous. Jesse couldn't eat much cuz his stomach was a little fluttery. He was a trooper though and pressed forward. He is wearing his uniform. Sarah is worried about the people. The kids are very different from the kids she knew in Thatcher. She is the only member girl and our friend Timmy is the only member boy. She will survive though. I finished the "Trevor" table. It turned out well and will last another 10 years before I refinish again. Darrin and I will be in Az. for the next three days at a sibling reunion for my family. Then he goes to Savannah for a conference for the three days after that. Busy week.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Week

So, I have been busy this week. I put off stuff and then.......well you know. I stripped my table (the Trevor table) and painted the chairs...I think it looks good. The table will be a walnut color when I am done and will match my cabinets. We went to the beach one last was pretty rough because of Hurricane Danny that came through on the weekend. The beach was quite eroded as well. This is the beach that Emily and Jeanie worked at.

We also cleaned out our storage unit, so my garage looks like this for a while. It was clean.I really didn't want all this stuff, but when it was time to leave, we just threw stuff into boxes and shoved them into the U-HAUL. Now I get to sort and stash, or sort and trash. I don't like it. If I didn't think there were some treasures in here somewhere, I would just throw it all out. Our school starts here on the 8th. Jesse got a letter from his new school today, it says.......

"On the first day of school, be prepared to begin our year-long Renaissance theme. Students will be ushered off the bus and over our drawbridge and into the 15th Century. Once inside the building, students will assemble in the gym after parading past staff members in Renaissance attire representing a Renaissance marketplace".

Pretty cool. He is excited. He didn't want to ride the bus, but he does now. I hope this school can help him to love learning instead of having it make him sick to his stomach.

...physically and mentally!