Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Many of you may already know this, but Darrin and I went on a cruise for my birthday this year.  We traveled with our neighbors and good friends, Tom and Kim Hoffman.  Here are some random photos from our trip.

This is one of the many lovely views from our ship.  This is nearing Cozumel or Belize I think.
 If you have ever been on a cruise you have seen these towel would appear every evening before we would retire for the night.  These are my sunglasses, the crew used them on this seal and on a rabbit later.....adds a personal touch.
 This sunset is taken from the aft hot tub as we are leaving Costa Maya.
 Here is the view looking forward (toward the bow) from the same hot tub.
 Here is a view of our ship from the little mall right on the dock in Roatan, Honduras.
 This is a Brazilian Silkwood tree right near the beach where we went snuba diving in Roatan.....yes snuba is correct.  It is scuba diving, but your tank is floating on a raft above you instead of on your back.  It was awesome.  I have been diving before, and Tom and Kim are certified divers, but it was Darrin's first time....he is now hooked.
 The Norwegian Spirit dockside in Roatan.
 Loved this carved horse sculpture...the sign said "DO NOT TOUCH", so I  am not.
 An old shipwreck in the bay as we are leaving Honduras.
 Darrin and I on a catamaran on our way to snorkel the reef in Costa Maya, Mexico.
 Kim and I all dressed up...aren't we attractive.
 Peep-toe snorkel fins with an ankle strap....high fashion.
 Our "fish" impressions.
 This towel monkey was hanging from the ceiling...his eyes are creamer cups.
 On our last day at sea the weather was bad and very rough so we played cards in the game room...The boys won most of the time, but I think they were cheating!

This is at the port in Belize...just for us cruise tourists...everyone walks through here on their way to their excursions....ours was cave tubing....pretty cool.

We cruised to and from New is a random group playing on the street in the French Quarter...they were really good.  Tom even bought their's case was made out of lined notebook paper with handwritten titles...awesome.
So....I am already planning next years birthday party....don't you think I should?!?

...physically and mentally!