Saturday, March 12, 2011

Art Shows

Here are the promised Art Show pictures....Jesse won 1st place for all of 7th Grade and won $40!  His piece is called Suburban Jungle...a shoe with a view.  If you can't tell is a rhino.

This is his second piece...a linocut block print.
Here he is accepting his prize money from the Mayor.

This is a painting of Sarah painting her marbles...her friend Molly won first place for Sophomores with it.
The sign says Derrickson Award Winners
Here is the famous marble painting...she won 1st place for her grade and the Derrickson Award, which is free art lessons at the Rehoboth Art League including supplies.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Don't give up on me...I will post again, I am just WAY too busy for the next couple of weeks to do anything.  However, I will whet your appetites.  Sarah and Jesse both have art entered in competitions this week and according to their teachers, they have both won prizes.  We will find out what on Saturday (12th).  Speaking of Saturday, I have a big camp meetings all morning, then the kids two open houses at the art competitions.  Darrin and I will divide and conquer that day.  I will post pics then too.  Sarah and I were going to a campus visit on the 26th at SVU in Lexington Virginia, but we postponed that until May...not enough time.  So then in April...Darrin and I are doing the food for a Priest/Laurel conference.....7 STAKE!  Yikes.  We will be serving dinner, breakfast and patient....I will have a LOT to post in a few weeks.

...physically and mentally!