Friday, September 26, 2008

Technical Failure

Sorry about the long pause, but our computer died. We were able to save nearly everything, but have been without internet access for 2 weeks. Not much is new here anyway. Darrin's nephew, Raun, is living with us right now. He is 21 and saving to quit working and go back to school. He is the twin of Rue (currently seen on Emily's blog) I have planted most of my winter garden. I have just the spinach and brocoli left. So... I was prepping one of the planting beds and Raun asked why I was so gung hoe (hehe) about gardening. I told him that I am preparing for the "obamanation", as in an obamanation to the Lord. I crack myself up. It is a good thing cause no one else usually laughs. I am thinking about printing that on a t-shirt to sell. What do you think? I also want to print this one:
mediacracy-mediocre or low form of government manipulated by agencies of mass communication. Would you buy one? I have great ideas, but little courage. I also want to make one that says: PROUD PALIN PITBULL. Ha Ha. That is about as political as I get. I am back to teaching water aerobics at EAC. So I am brown again. And I smell like chlorine. Sorry I can't post any pictures cause they are on the old computer and this one is just a loner.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good News!

Just thought I would share my conversation with dad this morning.
Me: Hello dad, how are you today?
Dad: I'm very good.

Did you catch that? I'M VERY GOOD!
This is a first since mom died. Every morning he either calls me or I call him and we go through the same scenario. But he always has said "terrible". Until this morning. Yipee! It is so hard to watch him grieve so deeply, but it certainly is understandable. Baby steps. Baby steps. I think maybe the weekend with Michael and Kim and the ZIPLINE was very helpful.. thanks guys.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

7th Anniversary of 911 attacks.

I love this video. But the story behind it is just as compelling. Watch this first and then read the story

The young man in the video is Joe Cook, and is indeed an Iraq veteran - one of three brothers from a Chicago suburb who served there. Cook was wounded in Baghdad during "surge" operations. The Chicago ABC affiliate did a story on Cook's homecoming in October, 2007.
He was badly wounded when the vehicle he was in was hit by a roadside bomb. Cook arrived at O'Hare airport Monday. <...>Late Monday afternoon, Joe Cook came home after weeks of stateside rehab.
"They're going to have to teach me how to walk without a limp, teach me how to run again. It should be fun," Joe Cook said.
He was captain of his high school cross country team but now will walk now with a prosthesis. His welcome home at the airport is being followed by a welcome home in the village of Wauconda. The village has made it a habit to welcome every combat vet back home.
"We want to make sure that nobody has the experience that our brothers and sisters had coming back from previous wars. We want everyone to feel welcome," police officer Pat Yost said.
Joe Cook said he's relaxed and looking ahead to college.
All three of the Cook brothers enlisted in the Army within six months of each other, and all volunteered for service in Iraq. Their parents say each one of the sons was determined to pursue that choice
. And while the parents are extremely excited to have Joe back at home, they still have two sons in Iraq. This was posted on Aug. 27 - I don't recall the exact views then but it was a six-figure number. It's been viewed 3.4 million times as of now - I suspect that's not going to slow for a while. Is that a problem for the Obama campaign?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Got this off of Janiels blog and thought I would do a little self-evaluation. Here goes.

i am: I have no idea!
i want: to stay healthy and not be plagued by "old age" ailments.
i wish: Darrin would get paid what he is worth.
i miss: So many things.....youth, mom, dallin, innocence, mayor talley.
i fear: that Safford is going to sink under Ron Green
i feel: sore, I am old.
i hear: my old refrigerator. We've never bought new, just old.
i smell: fresh, homemade bread. A new skill.
i crave: the beach and a great book.
i search: for ways to help Jesse learn easier.
i wonder: what my grandchildren will look like.
i regret: not graduating from ASU. Now it is too much.
i love: so many things....Darrin, the kids, soft ice, a clean house, a fresh-picked tomato.
i care: about preserving the family. VOTE YES on prop 102
i always: wash my face and brush my teeth before bed.
i have: dry, cracked heels from being in the water so much. (h2o aerobics)
i need: bifocals! SIGH
i dance: all alone. Darrin hates to dance.
i don’t always: know the names of things; umbrella, clothes pin, they just leave me.
i fight: the computer
i write: not as much as I would like
i lose: my temper with grandma C.
i win: the battle with the alarm clock every morning
i listen: the first time. Repetition drives me crazy.
i am scared: for our country if Obama is elected.
i think: Sarah Palin is the perfect VP candidate.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Jesse is in the Thatcher Elemtary Band and is playing the saxaphone.Can you just see it? I was totally surprised when he decided on that. He had wanted to play the drums, but of course every boy wanted to play the drums and he had to choose something else. He hasn't actually played it yet cause the guy at the music store gave us clarinet reeds instead of sax reeds. Smart! We had to take it to Aunt Nona to figure that out since I played the flute, I know nothing about reed instruments. I hope he will stick with it for a while and get some confidence in himself. The poor boy just gets down on himself so easily. He still struggles in school and each year the other kids just get nicer and nicer. Right!? We are trying everything we know of to help him. If any of you have the magic potion to help him, let me know. It is started to be a little cooler here in the evenings. It was actually very pleasant last night. We would love to open our windows, but the neighbor dog barks incessantly. I do not like dogs! So....I am getting some chickens. Buff Orpingtons to be precise. They are dual breeds. That means good egg layers and edible. He he. If Darrin can be a cowboy, then I can be a chickengirl!?

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Sweet Life

In case some of you don't know. Darrin was released as Bishop last sunday. He hasn't quit grinning since. Ah, but the next day we took off for a 3 day conference in Tempe and stayed at the Tempe Mission Palms. It was great. Well, at least for me. Darrin was in meetings the whole time and I....well I just played. I layed by the pool and toodled around the shops on Milland walked all over ASU campus. I even got a copy of my transcripts to see just how close I am to graduating. I visited with Em and her roommates and toured the new ASU Institute. Emily was born while we were living on the Institute campus. Darrin was the maintenance/custodian/groundskeeper/dance bouncer. I was the office secretary and then the parking lot attendant until Dallin was born. The house is not there anymore, it was replaced by a parking structure. There was one teacher still there that remembered us. Bro. Bullock. He and Darrin used to play raquetball at a gym down the road. Neither of them had a membership, but they had a key for some reason. I didn't ask. Anyway, I came home rested and relaxed. I think Darrin did too, but as soon as we got home, he had to start his next Master's class. So much for the vacation.

...physically and mentally!