Thursday, May 27, 2010

Too Much Info for a Single Title Post

Tee Hee. I am just going to post all the pictures and let you fill in the commentary. Have fun.

Dallin built this monkey bridge one afternoon....just for fun.

This turtle wandered over to our house from the lake. Dallin (and Em's legs) sunning at Cape.
Em's Birthday Lobster dinner....the rest of us ate cheap.Emily's's owl.Emily's Birthday cake...6 layers with custard filling....yum. Thanks Darrin.Skimboarding at Cape.K

Kayaking at Hoffmans.

This is Jesse's dance concert at school...this is his class doing the Violet Beauregarde dance...he is wearing a bright green shirt in the back...he works his way to the front just before they go off stage...and then....his big solo....he moonwalks in on the right. AWESOME!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime?

My big kids are home.....Ahhh..sigh of relief. I don't really worry about them all year, but it is always nice to have them back under my wing. So what do we do? It has been one continuous party since we picked them up from the airport. Already I am feeling the days ticking down to take them back. Sniff Sniff. Here are some picks of the last few days. We had a BBQ monday night...the weather was a little drizzly so things started off slow, but cleared later for some riotous VB. We invited all the young adults in our ward and the missionaries and turned it into an investigator FHE. We had 5 non members and 2 less was also a ton of fun. Today...the job search. Dallin has a couple of interviews already lined up near the beach. It is rainy and cold today, so my Az kids are really freezing. Tee hee.

This is a hog nose snake...they pretend that they are cobras and rear up and spread our the sides of their faces to make you afraid of them....but...they are harmless. Darrin got to play cowboy last week...our friends have 3 calves and they needed to be de-horned, so he got out his lasso and they bull-dogged them down and cut off their horns. He loved it.Sunday was GORGEOUS Sarah did this.....Dallin and Jess did this.....they camoflauged themselves and snuck through the forest and scared her.I picked a gallon of these and ate them. It is strawberry season here...we have 5 weeks of fresh picking...gonna use them all.
I love summer.

Monday, May 3, 2010

WARNING! Long catch-up post.

O.K. I know it has been a LONG time since I posted on here, but I really have had nothing to post. You know...doldrums (sp?). But I have been collecting pics to share and I now have TOO much to write...Sorry. Here goes. First...we celebrated (well not really) our 1st anniversary as Delaweanies. We have actually been here a year now. Wow. It seems weird. In the past I had never really thought about anniversaries except my wedding, but now it seems I have a lot of them; moving dates, death dates (3 of those), missionary returns, medical checkups, etc. I don't think I really like most of them, but they come and go anyway. Enough of that. I have some new assignments in our ward and stake. I am playing the organ for sacrament meeting this month...I hope it is temporary, but I am afraid it may be permanent. For those of you who don't know, I REALLY don't play the piano well. I practice constantly just to be able to get through one meeting. Our ward is musically challenged so...I also play in RS. O.K. here it comes.....I wish I had stuck with the lessons when I was younger.....there, I said it. I am sure Mom is giggling a little "I told you so!" right now. I am still teaching seminary. We are winding down to the end of the Book of Mormon. I really love learning so much more about it and all the great scripture that is contained there. I hope my students are getting as much out of it as I am. Next, I am the ward camp director. We have 4 girls going this year. That is a record for our ward. I am also the stake 3rd level leader...(we have to double and triple up callings here). Camp is so very different here. We are completely roughing it, no facilities at electricity, bathrooms, kitchen, just a meadow and some trees. Our stake is so HUGE that is it truly difficult to put together a camp. I have been to meetings every saturday for a month. One meeting was 2 hours to the north and the next was 1 hour to the south, this saturday is all day in Dover (1 hour north). I have some GREAT YCL's and am not worried at all. Sarah is a 4th year and they are biking 40 miles to the beach for their high adventure. The stake camp director has a horse farm and 3rd years are riding. Awesome. One bad note....when we toured the camp, a tick found me. YUUUCCKKK! They are fairly common here, but YUUUCCKK! OK. I feel better now. Darrin got his wisdom teeth removed the end of April...he did very well, I don't think he even had any swelling. He has been very busy at his job. They keep him late most nights. He is going to be taking over the General Manager position this year and they are piling on the responsibilities. He is the YM president in the ward and goes on splits with the missionaries. Jesse is loving school...he even said those words...shock....he has NEVER loved school. He has a solo in his spring dance recital at the end of May, I will be sure to post a video. Sarah is getting more "acclimatized" to high school on the East Coast. It has been a hard transition for her, but she is making friends and doing well in her classes. She gets her permit on her 16th birthday and is excited to start driving. They have very strict new driver laws here. She will not get her lisence until she is almost 17. She seems ok with that. Traffic is scarier here than in AZ. Our weather is really warming up here and we will soon be living on the beach...don't be too jealous....we did have a very snowy winter. Ok. here are the pics.
These are our blueberries ripening on the bush. YUM!My late-blooming tulips...(I planted them late)We have lots of butterflies them.I have always loved I have them.Second generation Gordon chickens....only 6 this time. They are about 4 weeks old.

...physically and mentally!