Thursday, February 26, 2009


No time to sit and reflect on the last year cuz I have things to do. It is good in a way, but I am so glad to have spring break next week to just chill with my husband and kids. We are sneaking away and I am not telling anyone where. So There! Now...I am in Triathlon mode. It is on April 10-11 and I have ignored it for a few weeks. We are already past the 1,000 mark and we still have over a month to go. Crazy. It is going to be much easier this year because we have hired a timer who uses chip technology to track the racers. YeHaw! We have simplified the route and recruited more help. It is not a hard race...100 meter swim, 6 mile bike and 2 mile run. It is the 14 year olds that are sometimes a handful. Actually it is the leaders not keeping a tight grip on them. So....more security at the camp site and the start and finish lines. I have a great staff this year and I have no doubts that it will be a great success. Next....Darrin and I are the head cooks at girls camp this year. We really need to get to work on that too, but first things first. That will be a fun job once the hard part is over, ie...planning the menu, ordering the food, calling the helpers, preparing everything, etc. Once we get there it will be a blast! By the time we know it, it will be summer already. Yikes! Oh! I forgot...Sarah was in "The Music Man" last week. Poor girl, it was on the Wed -Sat of the week that Dad died. She was Ethel Toffelmier, one of the Pic-a-little ladies. It was cute. We got to go on Saturday night. That was a long day. She is a good little actress.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dad's last chapter.

Kenyon stood by his trusted horse with one hand on the saddle horn and looked back over his shoulder to the ranch that had been his life for so long. He had loved that life, working the soil, herding the cattle, raising his kids, but it was time to move on. Leona was waiting for him. He stuck his toe into the stirrup and swung his leg over the saddle. In front of him was a small ridge. One last uphill struggle and he could relax. His shoulders were slumped slightly and his arms hung slack at his side as he started up the hill. He was tired. Bone tired. It was time to go and he knew it, even wanted it, but he felt like a lasso was around him somehow preventing his leaving. He looked back once more and his children had gathered outside to see him off. As they waved goodbye, he felt the rope loosen and drop from him. With renewed energy, he clicked his tongue and spurred the old bay a little and the horse lurched forward into a trot. At the top of the ridge he caught a glimpse of the one thing he had been waiting such a long time to see; his beloved Leona. She was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her dark hair hung down the back of her sweater just as he remembered. This time he spurred his horse much harder and whooped as he gained speed. The sun was just settling into a dip in the mountain and the light was in that magical moment just before sunset. He was happy now. Nothing would ever separate them again.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lee Kenyon Udall

Dad passed away quickly and peacefully on Feb. 17th at 3:00 pm. He was born March 6, 1925 in Thatcher, AZ. He had a short bout with pneumonia and took advantage of his oppourtunity to rejoin his beloved wife Leona. Mom died in July, just 7 short months ago. What a gift to be able to be back together so quickly. Dad never got over the loss of mom. She was his whole life. He was completely undone when she died. We will miss him terribly, but the joy for his reunion with her outweighs any sorrow we feel for ourselves. We love you Dad. Farewell.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Still in the hospital

My last entry about dad said he was doing better. A lot has happened since then. On Saturday the hospital called me and said to come right away. Dad had crashed and they were intubating him and flying him to Tucson. He has been there for 9 days on the ventilator. Today they are going to do a tracheotomy and see if it will help him breath on his own easier. He has been sedated for most of the week, only awake in the mornings so they can see if he can breath on his own. He has not been able to do that at all. I am heading over there again Tuesday and hopefully he will be doing better so he can take charge of his life again. He is very weak and agitated, so they have given him some morphine for his discomfort. He responds when I talk to him, but usually just a raise of his eyebrows. His face is frowning most of the time. It is hard to see him this way and we are going to have to be tough to get through this rough part. I will try to update again soon.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

1. When is your "engagement" anniversary: January 8, 1988
2.When is your "marriage" anniversary: March 5, 1988
3.How long have you known your spouse: 29 years
4. How long did you date/court before you were engaged: 2 weeks
5. Where did you meet your spouse for the first time: Halloween party
6. What is your spouse's full name: Darrin Edward Gordon
7. Do you have any children yet: Yep
8. How many: 4
9. Do you have any house pets: a fish
10. Do you own a house or rent: own
11. Do you live in the country or town/city: Country
12. What is one of your favorite activities together: We love everything together.
13. Do you have a favorite vacation spot: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands:)
14. How many siblings (including in-laws): 15
15. What church do you attend: Safford 8th Ward
16. Is this the church you were married in: Same church-different place
17. What town is your current address: Graham County
18. Do you work or stay at home: WHAT??? I WORK at home!!!
19. Where did you honeymoon: San Diego
20: Leave a piece of marriage advice: Marriage is a merger. Both sides bring vastly different management styles. Learning about each others upbringing gives you an inside view to who you are married to, and why they behave the way they do. Sometimes it isn't a choice. And.......stick it out during the tough times, it is sweeter on the other side of them.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Busy Week

The last two weeks couldn't have been more opposite. This week my dad has been in the hospital with pneumonia. It has been a scary week. He was quite sick. Thursday we weren't sure if he would make it at all, but friday he was better and today is still better. He is not well, but better. I will probably neglect this blog for a while. He is coming home to my house after he is released. He will probably be there for about a month to recover. We will be doing some quick rearranging this weekend to put him in Sarah's room that has its own bathroom. This may seem like a burden, but it will actually be easier for me. I worry when he is home alone and I live so far away and spent a lot of time away from my house. This will be much better. Adios for now.

...physically and mentally!