Friday, November 26, 2010


So here is our Thanksgiving weekend in a nutshell.....
Lily hung out on Sarah's lap at the computer.

Allen read Mockingjay while David read Hunger Games.
 The boys crowded around our tiny laptop to watch football.
 Rachel and Jesse played "the bubble game" on David's phone.
And lots of Wii.  This was canoeing...too funny....

We had a great time with the Favreau/Knight families.  Lots of food and games and chatting and napping and hanging out.  Loved it.   

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gus and Lily

This is Gus (left) and Lily.  They are the Hoffman's Lhasa Apso dogs.  They are very spoiled and very cute and we get to have them for the next 10 days while the Hoffmans are in AZ. celebrating Thanksgiving with their daughters.  They will look after our chickens while we are in AZ for Christmas.  Kim (Sis. Hoffman) says that stinks for us, cuz her dogs only leave poop behind and mine leave eggs.... love her...she is a hoot. 
Occasionally we have what are called "fog delays" which basically means that school will start 2 hours later cuz the fog is too dangerous for safe driving.  However, last week we had a VERY foggy day and no was pretty scary.  This pic is from my front porch at 7:00 am, but by the time I got to Sarah's school we couldn't see 10 feet.  Life on the east coast is definitely full of new experiences for this family!  Dogs?...not on your AZ.  Fog?...not enough to delay school...
On a depressing note...our weather forecast for Thanksgiving is RAIN!  Grrrr. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Here are some of the views from our yard. Our weather has been fairly nice...a few cold days and then 4 or 5 in the mid 60"s.  Fall has come very late this year...all the leaves were gone by this time last year.

 This is the view from our driveway into our back yard (and my little chicken coop).
 The back door from our dining room.

 We went to Fifer's Orchard in Dover and got apples...a whole bushel...and made apple butter.  This is a beautiful place full of trees and gardens and a cute country store...we also bought some local honey.  All their produce was amazing and huge...
...check out these carrots!

We are so excited for Thanksgiving and then Christmas in Arizona.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Funny, Funny, Mother

Today is my Mother's 82nd birthday....she died two and a half years ago and I still miss her everyday.
I have been going through my mom's recipes and found some really great ones to share....
Happy Birthday Mom.

This was something mom made all the time...I loved this stuff...she served it in the colored cupcake cups.

 This one she made for Christmas most was a complicated process, but sooo yummy...I think Nona makes this now...I haven't tried to do it yet.
 This was just funny.  I found this just as it is...edited...I remember she would call this "Better than Robert Redford Cake" can fill in the cut out section however you want.
There was one more that wouldn't went just like this....
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
                                                   Melt dipping chocolate...dip pretzels in.

...that was all there was on it's own 3X5 card in the recipe box...funny, funny you Mom.

...physically and mentally!