Saturday, June 26, 2010


Lots of stuff.....
Darrin and I went to Ohio to Jessica and Jared's open house and then drove to Kirtland to see all the church sites....It was great!
Unexpected treat; Amish Villiage.
We ate at an Amish restaurant with some people we met at the church sites...this is an Amish traditional dinner...mashed potatoes with noodles and chicken gravy... very boring, but good.

Dallin and Jesse and I picked blueberries....Jesse got stung by a bee and his poor finger swelled up and is bright red.
These are actually berries from my little bush at home....we picked about 5 pounds from the farm and froze them. Yum!
This nest was hiding in one of the blueberry bushes.
My zucchini plant by my front door.
My chickens are in their house finally, but not before we lost 2 of them to some little predator. *sniff*

Oh well... Sarah and I leave for camp on Monday..she is doing the 4th year high adventure and I am the 3rd level leader. Our camp is very primitive this year; no electricity, water, cabins, etc. I am not really a camper so we will see how this goes. Emily is only here a couple more weeks...she goes back to AZ to be in Jeannie's wedding on the 17th of July. We are sad. Sarah and Dallin will go near the end of July...Sarah will be visiting Lela for a while. Then.....who knows! Sarah's birthday is tomorrow but we are sort of putting it off until after camp. She will be 16! Yikes!

...physically and mentally!