Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cabin on Mt. Graham

So, Grandpa and Grandma, and a few others went to check out the old Barney cabin to see if it was worth buying. Darrin took some pictures to share. The concensus according to Darrin is that it needs some serious structural fixing, but worth making an offer on. Of course, the decision is up the G and G, but we are willing to do the work if need be. Here are the pics.

Thursday, September 27, 2007



My baby is turning 10 years old on Oct. 8th. ! WOW has time flown by. It was just yesterday that he was learning to walk. He got some reading glasses this week. Hopefully it will help him see better. He has been having vision therapy for a tracking problem (similar to lazy eye) he seems to be progressing better since we started. The therapy is very interesting. He reads with 3-D glasses and a transparent sheet with green and red lines on it. This helps him to concentrate and transition from one word to the next. He also does some hand exercizes that improve his writing and his spacial awareness. ie. he slaps his right hand and says right hand, and then taps his left foot and says left foot. This is while following a "map" of symbols that tell him which one to tap or slap. It isn't easy for me either. He is ever the sweet, loving, huggy, boy that we love. He brightens the world of many in our ward by his unrestrained, unconditional hugs. We are looking forward to his next 10 years.

Emily's knees after volleyball.
Her medals of honor.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Going to Conference

We are excited to be going to conference in SLC. Darrin has a seminar in Park City the Tues. and Wed. after, so...Dallin and I are tagging along. Dallin will fly back early Mon. morn in time for school. He is excited to go also. Our tickets are all in the Balcony section, but we don't care. We've never been to the conference center. It will be fun to see it. Those of you who have experience with blogs, tell me how to hyperlink to my favorite spots. I am tech-challenged. Emily's choir opened for a group called ECLIPSE this week, as you read on my last blog. It was a fun concert. Check them out. (see Check It Out at left) I need to find a DV cord for my camera. Walmart doesn't have the one I need. Where do I look? I am anxiously awaiting the reunion video. (HINT, uncle Jordan) When is it coming? Well, I'm off to teach water aerobics. SYS

Friday, September 21, 2007


This is from our Sister's Reunion last summer.

Emily misses her best friends.

My mother, mowing the lawn at 79!!!

We get to stay home this weekend. Well...sort of. We don't have an out of town VB game. We do have a ward party and a choir concert. Emily's group is opening for ECLIPSE. (no relation to the book by Stephanie Meyers). They are an acapella group from Utah. Alayne shared Davids first letter today. I love new missionaries! They are so darling! Darrin and I helped with a PTO thing the other night. We stuffed handout bags for a water cycle program. 589 bags!!!!!! I think we have done our share for the year. Then Jesse brought one home! I didn't want to see another one of those again in my life. I totally understand the last child burn-out. I can't imagine how my mother stayed involved with 8 children. It's all worth it though, but I think I should have been a younger mother. Oh, well....I have never been in control of that area. I bought a digital voice recorder a few weeks ago. I have always wanted one. So now when I have a profound thought, I just whip it out and record it. (it also helps me remember important things. My mind is very slippery lately.) When I have accumulated enough profound thoughts, I will write a book. Don't hold your breath. Hasta

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Thanks for commenting all of you! I noticed that it was all the new moms. I remember when I was one. I loved it, but, I am glad to be finished with it. Mother of teens is not easier, but it is less dependant. We are having the missionaries over each mon. to teach a young girl (22) in our neighborhood. She is a member, but hasn't been active for most of her life. She had an experience that left her seeking the spirit. A stranger at a grocery store walked up to her and handed her a 20 dollar bill and said that the Lord had told her to give it to her. Her husband had lost his job and they were spending their last bit of money on food. She hasn't stopped crying about it since. She didn't know whether the woman was LDS or not, but it made her remember the feeling she felt as a child in church. Cool huh. Makes you want to go hand out 20 dollar bills! I am on a cracker and cheese binge. I tend to OD on one type of food at a time. I guess that's better than all types. TTFN This is our "Sopranos" picture

Monday, September 17, 2007

Catch up on the Fam.

Well, I guess I am ready to launch. I have toyed with this for a month and I don't think it will get any better. Our family is all going in different directions all the time, so I will try to update. Dallin is at ASU working 2 jobs, owning a car and living in an apartment. He loves his freedom, but he is learning the down side to independence too. He had a rough time last week. He got a big dose of Gordon's Law (you may know it as Murphy's). He survived. He is getting his mission papers ready to send. He is 19 in January. Emily just spends all her time at Volleyball. Either at practice or at games. She is the setter and the only Sr.and co- captain. Her team won the Estrella Foothills Tournament on the 15th of Sept. She studies in between. Sarah is in 8th grade at Thatcher. She is miss social. She loves the dances and has recently discovered make-up and fashion. She went from 10 to 16 on her last birthday. Jesse is about to turn 10 and is in 4th grade. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Evans. She has really helped him progress this year. Darrin is still the Bishop. It will be 6 years in November. This keeps him pretty busy, but he is trying to get his masters degree also. He is in his third year, but at one class a semester, it is slow going. I, Marcie, am cutting hair and teaching water aerobic, directing the Jr. Volleyball League, and the Varsity Triathlon. I am in YW as the Mia Maid counselor, but I have no Mia Maids, so I help Patti Carpenter with the Laurels. Darin Carpenter is our ward Executive Secretary. My Darrin says he is the best he has ever had. We love that family. This is very long, but updates from now on will be brief.

...physically and mentally!