Friday, June 17, 2011

Chicken Doctor pics...just an update on Rattie.  She is nearly healed and back to normal.  Who knew that I could be a chicken doctor.  I guess you just tackle what is thrown at you.  That sounds like some deep, philosophical advice.  No...just me taking care of my chicken.  Have a nice day.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Most of you already know that we have chickens...right?   Well, I have to tell you a gripping story about one of them.  But, before I start, I need to give you a little background.....It all started about a month ago when a little raccoon peeked in our back sliding door.  It was so cute.  We went out side and watched it climb up a tree in our backyard.  It had been digging in our compost heap.  No big deal.  So we forgot about it.  Now...the good part...last Sunday night, something dug under our coop and attacked our chickens.  All of them had lost some feather, but poor Rattie lost a bit more than that.  She had a wound under her right wing that was about 4 inches in diameter.  Rattie is the runt of our flock and has a bent comb and feathers that don't lie flat.  Hence, the name.  I brought her in and cleaned her up (gross) and got online and figured out what to do.  She had to be isolated because apparently chickens are cannibals and will peck a wounded chicken to death.  GASP!  So, Rattie has been in a box in the garage.  When I let her out with the other hens, Big Red and Little Red both peck her on the head...they are so mean!  Beatrice is very docile and just lets Rattie do her thing.  Anyway.  A friend from the ward came and put out a live trap.  Nothing the first night, but we have caught 4 raccoons since.  Holy Cow...who knew? Saturday, I put Rattie in the feeding pen next to the coop to help reintegrate her with the other hens.  Chickens naturally go into their roost when is starts to get dark, so I went out to get Rattie and put her back in the garage.   She was gone.  I panicked thinking a raccoon had gotten her again.  We looked everywhere and found her in her box in the garage.  She had flown out of the feeding pen and walked to the garage and hopped into her box.  I was amazed!  Chickens are NOT smart, but she seems to be...and lucky.  So...we have decided that she needs a new name...Rattie does not do her justice.   Lela Tingey says we should rename her Elizabeth Smart cuz she got away from a predator....Sarah says Madame Curie...anyone else have an idea?   We will let you know who wins! 


Big Red

Little Red (the meanest)

Rattie (the blue tint is a wound coat)

The BEAST (#1)

The feeding pen

The garage is to the right behind Sarah.  The coop is back behind the pile of dirt.  EPIC journey for Rattie!

Rattie's box in the garage.

Darrin feeding our bolted lettuce to the hens...they love us it is bitter and nasty.

 Unrelated shot of our addition in its beginning stages.  

...physically and mentally!