Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Best Christmas Ever!

Before and After

We had a great Christmas. The kids all loved every present. I think getting older makes gift giving and receiving so much easier and more enjoyable. Dallin's Temple day was very nice. Thanks to all of you who came and participated. Thanks to Duane and Deb for hosting the after party. Here is a video of Dallin "celebrating" at their house. So typical. He is a nut.

We also got to spend a few hours at the Gordons in Miami. It was great to catch up with everyone. Of course we missed David and Odessa and kids, but we will see them in Feb. (Darrin, Dustin, Raun, and I are going to visit)

"the teenagers"

Grandma and Ellawyn

Happy New Years everyone.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Check out the Courier!

Emily's BB team played in the Eastern Arizona Holiday Tournament last week and did very well. Check out the articles in the Courier. Emily is in
3 of them on . Go to: It is on the first page, just scroll down. She made the all-tournament team and was the high scorer two games in a row. Pretty good for a VB player. She was also named 3A VB player of the year.(article included) My kids are just so talented what can I say. They didn't get it from me! It's that Gordon blood.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dallin's Temple and Farewell Date

We have a date for Dallin's Temple endowment and farewell. We will go to the 9:00 am session on saturday the 29th of December. We will go down the night before and "play" as Dallin puts it. We would like to gather for lunch right after the session as well. Any suggestions? His meeting formerly know as farewell will be Jan. 13th at 9:oo am. Our building is across from the fair grounds in Safford. Everyone is invited to both events. The mission swiftly approaches. See you all soon.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Darrin's Mom

Many of you may have heard that Darrin's mom, Nelda, had a stroke on saturday the 15th. That was the initial diagnosis, however, after 3 days in the hospital, they are leaning toward something else. She has only one side effect, that they can tell, and that is that she cannot remember saturday at all. She is home now and we will see how things go. Darrin spent the 3 days staying with his dad who has late stage Parkinsons. It seems as though everything will be back to normal soon. Our weekend was so intensely emotional that we are all exhausted. Our family and Brooks and Janiel raked the leaves at Mom and Dad's and then I stayed and did Mom's hair. She was very emotional and not feeling well. She said she was crying because someone sympathyed (?) Later we got a frantic call from Darrin's sister asking if Darrin could drive to Miami to stay with his dad while his mom was in St. Joe's in Phoenix. This was while we were driving to our ward Christmas party. I was supposed to lead 2 choir numbers and direct the YW on the handbells. I'm afraid I was a bit of a mess for the first 10 minutes, but I recovered and made it through. Thanks for all the calls of concern for Nelda, it was very touching to have my family be so caring for my in-laws. 2008 has to be easier. Right?

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Count-Down Begins

Dallin finished at ASU for the semester and has moved back home to get ready to leave on his mission. It all feels unreal at the moment, but I'm sure it will sink in soon. Everyone is so excited to have him back. I think he is too. We are still determining a Temple and non-Farewell date, but will let everyone know ASAP. It all kind of depends on my mothers' health. Dallin really wants to have her there with him. Just can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner. I guess I better get busy. Visit us again soon!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Volleyball Awards Night.

Emily had her Volleyball awards banquet last night, and she came away with a ton of awards. Some of them we knew about, but some we didn't. Here they are in order. Best All Around Player-1,017 on target sets, played every position during every single game. Season team record. 20-2.
3A Conference All State Honors Team. 3A South All Region Team. 3A South Volleyball Player of the Year. 3A South All Star Team. (They will play in June.) And our favorite of the evening was the shirt the JV coach gave her. Emily was the brunt of most of Coach Ward's yelling all season. When the JV coach asked her how she could be so calm when she was yelled at she said, "All I hear is BLAH, BLAH, BLAH." Check out the picture. It was really Em's night and well deserved. Way to go Em!

Mandy, Emily, and Bea.

Emily and Jesse.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wonder What I Do?

As you know, I am leaving the hair business soon, but I wanted you to see a few of my favorite clients and what I do to them every week. These first too are sisters: Stella and Lucille, 90 and 92 respectively. They are a riot. Stella is outspoken, funny, sarcastic and boisterous.
Lucille is demure, ladylike, softspoken, and proper. They come together every friday and we have the best time. I will miss them immenseley.
This is Denise. She is an old friend of Darrin's mom Nelda. She is the art teacher at Safford Middle School. She comes every week too, but also gets color, highlights, deep conditioners, etc. She likes to pamper herself. She is very fun. These pictures are to help them "train" a new stylist. (one of the emotional drags of doing hair is the dependence they feel toward me.) I hope to get a Christmas card to all of you soon, but I am not promising anything. So.. if you don't get one. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

5 Hour Flight to Vegas!

Believe it or not, it took us 5 hours to get to Vegas on friday. The Vegas airport was closed for that length of time because of low visibility. Yuck. We could have driven in less time. Oh well, we had a good time anyway. Talk about a lot of food. The AUGA (Darrin's Utility Group) sure spares no expense. I think we ate enough for 2 weeks. It was yummy though. We got to spend Sunday with Steve and Liz and Lisa and John. That was nice. Our flight home was delayed as well, because of connecting flights from Minneapolis who had a huge snow storm. Talk about Gordon luck. Darrin just started year #7 as bishop of our ward and of course it is Tithing Settlement time, so....our family picture was taken at the church again.
This year it is outside instead of in Darrin's office. Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for noticing us.

Friday, November 30, 2007


I am a slacker. I hate it when a blog is left un-updated for long periods....and I am the most guilty. Sorry. It has been a hectic and emotional week. Anyway...Here are Grandma U's latest cancer rationale:
"I won't have to have any more mamograms, yuck."
"I won't have to get my teeth cleaned again." (?)
" I will be able to take off my hair at night and put it on my dresser."

I know it seems a bit morbid, but she really does have this great attitude about it all. She has not let any of this slow her down or change her at all.
Yesterday she watered the lawn and hauled in the two huge garbage cans, and had a knock-down, drag-out with Grandma C. I hope those two survive each other. Truthfully, I think they are both trying to deal with the new "future" and are frustrated that maybe the mother will out live the daughter. Darrin and I are off to Vegas today for a board meeting/pampering get away. We hope to see both Steena and Wisa's families. TTFA

Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm Retiring!

I am retiring from the hair business. My hands just hurt too much to continue and my family needs me at home. So....I will still do family, but nothing else. My last day will be Dec. 21. I am at the same time, sad and happy. Odd. We are excited for everyone coming to Thanksgiving. I hope we can do all of our old traditional games and activities in a different locale. I will post pictures after. Any good books out there? I have read several, but none worth sharing. The triathlon is looming again and I have begun the arduous task of staffing. Anyone interested? You don't have to live here to help. Anyone? It will be held on April 18-19,2008 in Safford this year. EAC has closed its facilities to the public. We try to have the online registration up by early December. You would be suprised at how many have desired to register already. But first....I must get Dallin outfitted for his mission!!! Later

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

These two shouldn't sit next to each other....

Just had to share this. All you football fans out there will love it.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

3A State Volleyball All Tournament Member

Emily was named as a member of the All Tournament team at state. This picture was taken during their first game by the official photographer. She was playing every position; setter, hitter, back row defense and blocking. Her coach has told the local paper that she will be very difficult to replace.

This is a shot from the recent San Diego County fires. Amazing how beautiful this tragic scene is.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


After spending an exciting and exhausting weekend watching Volleyball (they lost in the semi-finals-so sad), Dallin and Dena came home with us, just for fun. Well....the call was waiting for us in the mail box. Dallin called some friends over (at midnight) and he opened it. ................

Texas, Fort Worth Spanish speaking. He leaves Jan 16, 2008. Yehaw. He is excited. We are excited. Fun for Dallin to have his friends here at the big moment. Check out the moment on the video. My eyes won't stay open any longer. Good night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Volleyball.........

Our lives are wrapped around volleyball this week as the team gets ready to go to state. Last night (monday) we had our send off dinner. Darrin and Dr. Hargis from our ward were the special guests. They were Modine and Orville, Professional Exterminators. The came and gave the girls tips on "killin' things" They did a little skit and handed out "pest" control licenses. It was hilarious.
As captain, Emily had to make a little speech. She did very well. Then the girls hammed it up for photos. (see video below) They play their first game at 3:00 on friday the 2nd at Peoria High School. To see the entire bracket and the Power Rankings visit and click on 3A Girls Volleyball.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Regional Champs

Emily's VB team won the Regional Volleyball Championship this Saturday in Florence. They played really well and now advance to the state tournament. It is the 2nd and 3rd of November at Peoria High School. They have a really good shot at winning this year and we would love to have as many of you as can, come and watch. We are going to have a mini reunion. Dallin, Dena, and our Gordon family will all be there. Will you? Games begin at 9:oo am friday morning, but be warned, this is an AIA event and costs $5 per person every time you enter (even just to go to your car in the parking lot) and no outside food or drink. Lame, I know, but it is their rules. It will be worth it though. See you there

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I know it has only been one day, but I found this pic and have to share. It is from 1998. Aren't they cute. Dallin is 10, Emily is 9, Sarah is 4, and Jesse is 1. Makes me almost wish they were little again. Almost....Have a scary, silly, happy Halloween.
Check out the Awesome Volleyball link under "Check it out"

Monday, October 22, 2007


We are in high gear in volleyball. Emily's team is ranked #3 in the state, behind Monument Valley and Parker, as they enter the regional tournament. They are 12-0 in their conference. Regionals are here this thursday-saturday and state is November 2-3 in Peoria. Her team looks really good. They have worked out their kinks and are playing very well. GO BULLDOGS We're excited for their success, but also glad we are coming to the end. Of course, basketball starts as soon as volleyball ends. Her BB team should be very good this year too. We woke up Sunday morning to winter weather. It was 69 degrees at noon. We all wish it would stay just like this colder and no hotter. No mission call yet. Dallin wishes it were here and he was leaving already. He has been plagued with bad luck ever since we mailed off his papers. I tell him it is because he is making a righteous choice. Mom and Dad went to look at the cabin again today. This makes 4 visits this month. No decision though. Great to hear from Ryan and Jennie. I'm so glad you found us. Love to all.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So Much News!

O.K. This is why you should write often, and not wait till you have "so much news". So much has happened that I am afraid that this will get rather long, but hang in there, it is worth it.
1. We loved Conference! I especially enjoyed Sister Beck and Elders Fallabella and Costa. For those of you who didn't see it, Pres. Hinkley bonked Pres. Eyering on the head with his cane after he took his new seat. Hilarious! I love Pres. Hinkley. Dallin had a great time with us at conference and visiting our good friends Julia and Howdy Whipple. Their boys just love Dallin. Darrin and I then went to Park City for a business meeting. It was Beautiful! Real Autumn with leaves of every color. Amazing. One funny story....Julia and I went out for breakfast on our last day together. We went to a family owned cafe called Doug and Emmy's. There were very busy and short-handed so we asked Emmy if she would like our help. She said Really, do you mean it? We bussed tables and sat guests and served drinks for about an hour until they got caught up. It was a hoot. Emmy gave us breakfast and two large plates of cinnamon rolls to take home. As we were leaving she asked if we were LDS, when we said yes, she said I knew it. She was not a member.

2. Now the other exciting news...Dallin is officially going on a mission. He finished his interviews and paperwork this weekend and it goes out tonight. (Tues) Pres. Herrington says he should have a call in three weeks.
I am a little freaked out, but really excited for him. So check out the poll and vote on where you think he will go. Emily won Chris's by choosing Mozambique. Weird. His call will come here at our house and we will wait anxiously for him to come and open it. Wahoo!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cabin on Mt. Graham

So, Grandpa and Grandma, and a few others went to check out the old Barney cabin to see if it was worth buying. Darrin took some pictures to share. The concensus according to Darrin is that it needs some serious structural fixing, but worth making an offer on. Of course, the decision is up the G and G, but we are willing to do the work if need be. Here are the pics.

Thursday, September 27, 2007



My baby is turning 10 years old on Oct. 8th. ! WOW has time flown by. It was just yesterday that he was learning to walk. He got some reading glasses this week. Hopefully it will help him see better. He has been having vision therapy for a tracking problem (similar to lazy eye) he seems to be progressing better since we started. The therapy is very interesting. He reads with 3-D glasses and a transparent sheet with green and red lines on it. This helps him to concentrate and transition from one word to the next. He also does some hand exercizes that improve his writing and his spacial awareness. ie. he slaps his right hand and says right hand, and then taps his left foot and says left foot. This is while following a "map" of symbols that tell him which one to tap or slap. It isn't easy for me either. He is ever the sweet, loving, huggy, boy that we love. He brightens the world of many in our ward by his unrestrained, unconditional hugs. We are looking forward to his next 10 years.

Emily's knees after volleyball.
Her medals of honor.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Going to Conference

We are excited to be going to conference in SLC. Darrin has a seminar in Park City the Tues. and Wed. after, so...Dallin and I are tagging along. Dallin will fly back early Mon. morn in time for school. He is excited to go also. Our tickets are all in the Balcony section, but we don't care. We've never been to the conference center. It will be fun to see it. Those of you who have experience with blogs, tell me how to hyperlink to my favorite spots. I am tech-challenged. Emily's choir opened for a group called ECLIPSE this week, as you read on my last blog. It was a fun concert. Check them out. (see Check It Out at left) I need to find a DV cord for my camera. Walmart doesn't have the one I need. Where do I look? I am anxiously awaiting the reunion video. (HINT, uncle Jordan) When is it coming? Well, I'm off to teach water aerobics. SYS

Friday, September 21, 2007


This is from our Sister's Reunion last summer.

Emily misses her best friends.

My mother, mowing the lawn at 79!!!

We get to stay home this weekend. Well...sort of. We don't have an out of town VB game. We do have a ward party and a choir concert. Emily's group is opening for ECLIPSE. (no relation to the book by Stephanie Meyers). They are an acapella group from Utah. Alayne shared Davids first letter today. I love new missionaries! They are so darling! Darrin and I helped with a PTO thing the other night. We stuffed handout bags for a water cycle program. 589 bags!!!!!! I think we have done our share for the year. Then Jesse brought one home! I didn't want to see another one of those again in my life. I totally understand the last child burn-out. I can't imagine how my mother stayed involved with 8 children. It's all worth it though, but I think I should have been a younger mother. Oh, well....I have never been in control of that area. I bought a digital voice recorder a few weeks ago. I have always wanted one. So now when I have a profound thought, I just whip it out and record it. (it also helps me remember important things. My mind is very slippery lately.) When I have accumulated enough profound thoughts, I will write a book. Don't hold your breath. Hasta

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Thanks for commenting all of you! I noticed that it was all the new moms. I remember when I was one. I loved it, but, I am glad to be finished with it. Mother of teens is not easier, but it is less dependant. We are having the missionaries over each mon. to teach a young girl (22) in our neighborhood. She is a member, but hasn't been active for most of her life. She had an experience that left her seeking the spirit. A stranger at a grocery store walked up to her and handed her a 20 dollar bill and said that the Lord had told her to give it to her. Her husband had lost his job and they were spending their last bit of money on food. She hasn't stopped crying about it since. She didn't know whether the woman was LDS or not, but it made her remember the feeling she felt as a child in church. Cool huh. Makes you want to go hand out 20 dollar bills! I am on a cracker and cheese binge. I tend to OD on one type of food at a time. I guess that's better than all types. TTFN This is our "Sopranos" picture

Monday, September 17, 2007

Catch up on the Fam.

Well, I guess I am ready to launch. I have toyed with this for a month and I don't think it will get any better. Our family is all going in different directions all the time, so I will try to update. Dallin is at ASU working 2 jobs, owning a car and living in an apartment. He loves his freedom, but he is learning the down side to independence too. He had a rough time last week. He got a big dose of Gordon's Law (you may know it as Murphy's). He survived. He is getting his mission papers ready to send. He is 19 in January. Emily just spends all her time at Volleyball. Either at practice or at games. She is the setter and the only Sr.and co- captain. Her team won the Estrella Foothills Tournament on the 15th of Sept. She studies in between. Sarah is in 8th grade at Thatcher. She is miss social. She loves the dances and has recently discovered make-up and fashion. She went from 10 to 16 on her last birthday. Jesse is about to turn 10 and is in 4th grade. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Evans. She has really helped him progress this year. Darrin is still the Bishop. It will be 6 years in November. This keeps him pretty busy, but he is trying to get his masters degree also. He is in his third year, but at one class a semester, it is slow going. I, Marcie, am cutting hair and teaching water aerobic, directing the Jr. Volleyball League, and the Varsity Triathlon. I am in YW as the Mia Maid counselor, but I have no Mia Maids, so I help Patti Carpenter with the Laurels. Darin Carpenter is our ward Executive Secretary. My Darrin says he is the best he has ever had. We love that family. This is very long, but updates from now on will be brief.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OUT THERE! with the Gordons

Welcome to our new blog. This is very new to be patient. But we are excited to join the modern world. I know we are a little behind, but a little behind is better than a BIG behind. Feel free to share our blog address with those whom you think are worthy. Just be sure it doesn't get to anyone who lives way out here where we live. jk. Not really, please don't give this to our neighbors! So begins the journey. I'm sure it will be a bumpy ride.

...physically and mentally!