Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great Grandpa Gordon

Darrin's great grandfather, Charles Buchanan Gordon, is buried in Glenbar Cemetary which is next to the Glenbar Gin in Pima. We have looked for this cemetary before, but it is secluded. He died in 1906 of Miners Consumption at the Solomonville hospital. Many of the graves there said "UNKNOWN" on a little aluminum markers. Very sad. The average death date was early 1900. Darrin's grandfather, Delmer, was only 8 when his father died and became the man of the house. His widow's life story says they lived in Hogtown. No one seems to know where that was. Darrin and I spent a great deal of time looking for Charles's father Alexander Gordon. Father and son had quarreled and lost contact. It was a great experience finding Alexander and submitting his name to the temple. Darrin's family history is colorful and lively. I loved researching them and printing their stories.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It's my turn to be tagged. Boy, 20 years of marriage (March 5, 1988) will make a long tag, eh!

Wedding Announcement

1. My husband's name. Darrin Edward Gordon
2. How long have you been together. Married 20, known each other,22 years.
3. How long did you date. 3 weeks.
4. How old is he. He will be 43 in April. (I am 44)
5. Who eats more. Well...he probably does most of the time, but I can put it away!
6. Who is taller. He is. We will leave it at that. (I love tall shoes though)
7. Who can sing better. Me, but only because no one told me that I stunk at it when I was younger. (sad for him)
8. Who is smarter. He is definately, but don't tell him I said that.
9. Who does the laundry. Whoever needs to. Me, Darrin, Emily, Jess doesn't....yet.
10. Who pays the bills. Me! He has no idea where the money goes. hehe
11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed. Me. What a dumb question.
12. Who mows the lawn. What lawn?!
13. Who cooks dinner. Me usually, but he is a better cook.
14. Who drives. He does, unless he is sleepy.
15. Who is more stubborn. Duh! Me.
16. Who kissed who first. He made the move.
17. Who asked out first. He did, but it took him 2 years and my mission call.
18. Who proposed. Funny. He did, but I didn't know that was what he was doing. Then I did, sort of.
19. Who has more friends. Casual friends? He does. Serious-me.
20. Who is more sensitive. That is a toss-up. Both about different things.
21. Who has more siblings. Me, and we are all involved in each others lives,whereas, his family is more private.
22. Who wears the pants. Ha! That is a loaded question, and I refuse to answer, and Darrin better not either.

It has taken 20 years for us to be totally comfortable with each others wants and needs. It is great to be where we are and not just starting out. Although that was fun in its own way too.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Poem #4

Lay, Lie

Now I lie my down to sleep,
Or is it lay?
A thousand times I heard them whispered,
but cannot determine to this day.

Do I lay the scissors and lie me down,
or is it lee the scissors and lue me down?

Lay, lie, lee, lue,
low, loy, law, ley?

Oh, forget it!
I'm just going to set the scissors,
and sit me down.
Or is it sat....?

Poem #3

(Unidentified Food Objects)

Beans in a pitcher,
rags in the door,
cool whip containers, and
apples in the drawer.

5 gallons of ice cream,
bags of frozen clothes,
pecans in sugar sacks, and
numerous UFO's.

Top Care for Mom,
marachinos for Dad,
cabbage for Grandma,
(once in a while it's not that bad).

Nothing is wasted,
Nothing is thrown,
It all gets transformed into
The BEST bread you've ever known.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Great Reading!

Remember "These is My Words" the story of Sarah Agnes Prine by Nancy Turner. She has two more in the series. They are just as good.

Poem #2



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For My Mother

Happiness and joy, a child of my mother.
No cares, no heartache,
No thoughts of becoming.
She bore them all and more.
She soothed my fevered brow,
Gently rubbed my aches away.
All the while, harboring a love
The depth of which was unknown to me.
Now as I wipe a tear
From the cheek of a child,
It mingles with my own in understanding.
Each sleepless night,
Each sorrow, each painful step
She knew, she felt, she lived.
The circle has been completed.
Now I am mother.
Oh that I may fulfill that calling as you have done.
With your example, I cannot fail.
I can bear the heartaches,
the cares, and the worries.

I am able to give back
Some of that which you gave so freely.
Let me soothe your fevered brow,
Gently rub your aches away
And ease the burden of your returning.
All the while being filled with gratitude
For the depth of love that we share.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lela and Amy

Lela and Amy were here for a few days this week. We took some great 4 generation pictures. Also, John F. surprised Grandma with a visit on Monday the 10th. I keep taking pictures of Mom even though she thinks I shouldn't. I wish you could all be here with her everyday. She is skinny and week, but still beautiful. We head to Cancun in two weeks, I hope she will be feeling good by then. That's all. Enjoy the pics.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Update

There was a lot going on this weekend. Sarah was in a play at EAC. They had a performance every night from Wed-Sat. It was very cute. Of course, she stole the show. She is a true thespian. Also, my mother had her kitchen redone. New countertops, sink ,stove, and we removed wallpaper to be ready for texture and paint. Michael and Kim Favreau came up to help. I don't think they really knew what they signed up for. We worked like dogs! We got it all removed though and that felt good. Their baby, Addison, is such a doll. Emily got to play with her while we worked. It will be nice to have it all finished and let Mom and Dad and Grandma go back
to normal kitchen existence.

...physically and mentally!