Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving and NEW KITCHEN/DECK

We drove to Kentucky for Thanksgiving and had a great time with Lisa and John (and kids), Callie and Randon (and kid) and Rachel and Allen.  Oddly enough, the only pics I got were of our Ultimate Frisbee game.  Callie has the other go to her blog for them.   It was a lovely 2 days of eating and playing.

These are the sweet potatoes that I dug out of my garden...they are weird looking, but I am proud.

Emily babysits Aidan (the older boy in the stripes) 4 days a week, but we watched this little group during a funeral in our ward.   It was a busy day.  They are cute kids.  Piper is on the left, then Aidan, then Jayden.  Oh yeah, and Emily.

Some of you may have heard about our little addition project.  It has been going pretty slowly ( we started in May), but we can only work on Saturdays, so.....Our friend and neighbor, Tom, comes over to help every week.  This last week we got our deck underway and Emily and I got a chunk of the insulation done.  The kitchen will eventually be in the addition and the old kitchen will be our dining room.

Next is the actual decking and drywall....Yippee!


Jill said...

cool addition! funny that so many of you were together in Kentucky for Thanksgiving!

Amanda said...

nice taters! imagine...a green thanksgiving...

...physically and mentally!